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Finley play-offs immitigably?

Join us for an unmissable event…

Firstly, a big thank you to our vendors, sponsors and our key partners. Without you the event simply would not be possible.

Roadmap is a vibrant, fresh and exciting event dedicated to guiding you through our strategy and plans for 2019.

Two top keynotes

Our Roadmap for the year kicks off with not one, but two fascinating keynote speakers.

Adrian Butler from Vow, one of our closest partners, will guide Members through their exciting plans for the year ahead.

Rob Vale, industry stalwart will then show both Members and vendors skills to develop their business and refine their leadership attributes.

Mapping the year ahead

Nemo will then talk delegates through our plans for the year ahead, new initiatives and exciting projects, followed by our always impressive expo.

A thank you to vendors

Of course, some parts could not be missed.

Roadmap 2019 will again close with our infamous Chinese meal, hosted by Nemo, with a stand up routine from our own comedy king, Derek Bamford, (so you have been given fair warning!).

Event Programme

Thursday 10th January

9.00am – Nemo Members Meeting (Members only)

9.45am – Keynote speaker, Adrian Butler (Members only)

10.30am – Welcome to suppliers and vendors

10.35am – Keynote speaker, Rob Vale

11.25am – Nemo 2019 introduction and programme highlights

12.00 – 3.30pm  – Roadmap 2019 exhibition

6.30pm – late – Infamous Chinese Meal

Hotel details

The Park Royal Hotel, Stretton Road, Stretton, Cheshire, WA4 4NS
01925 730 706