Affinity email marketing

Affinity email marketing gives you professionally designed emails to keep your customers aware of your latest offers.

Successful email marketing is an art. Because we think about conversion through every step of the sales process, our email campaigns always gain exceptional results. From that crucial subject line, elegant design and intelligent, benefit-led copy – our emails will lead your customers all the way to the sale.

Offering a ‘one-to-many-to-more’ approach, NEMO members see the email created by NEMO, in their Affinity account. From this screen they can either accept or decline the email whether it suits their business or not. If a member accepts the promotion, the email is automatically transmitted on their behalf, to their uploaded customer base.

This programme is a fast, inexpensive way of engaging with your customers and prospects, keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers minds.

Using the online Affinity system, you can send a consistent, branded message to your prospects and customers, resulting in your contacts receiving up to date offers and promotions that will help make you their first point of contact. All contact details and logos are automatically taken from your registration information, so you don’t have to click a button!

Affinity requires very little dealer input, we do the work for you. All you need to do is upload your customer and prospects database and then approve the emails! If an email is not approved or declined, then the email will be centrally transmitted, ensuring you don’t miss out on getting those important offers to your customers!