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These stand alone publications offer members a fantastic way to target new prospects and different areas of business of their current customers.

Showcase your range

The eight page mailers are designed to help members attract different department buyers by showcasing the breadth of their extended range of products; whether this is facilities management and premises solutions or the extended range of office interiors from leading brands.

These undated mailers allow members to use them throughout the whole year, coupled with their existing Lorazepam Order Alprazolam or their Best Site To Order Xanax Onlinemailers.

The mailers are delivered with a handy spreadsheet with all the products featured, allowing members to set their own prices throughout the year and control their margins.

Key features
  • A4 size, eight pages across a range of product categories
  • Target new markets, new prospects and different buyers within current customers
  • Set your own unique pricing with the handy accompanying price list
  • Hard-hitting, eye-catching design, perfect for grabbing attention
  • Members branding on the front page
  • Electronic version available