A lovely set of lockers

Lockers are the perfect storage solution to keep businesses functional and clutter free. Providing employees with a secure place to store personal effects, clothing and possessions.

Storage as design

Keeping personal belongings safely stowed away isn’t the only use for modern workplace lockers. Storage products are an essential component of office furniture design, mainly to keep documents out of sight. However modern office design has resulted in storage becoming more integrated into the heart of office design.

Safe and secure

Primarily, lockers are a great solution to reduce theft and clutter. Mobile phones, wallets, purses, handbags and more high-value items such as laptops, tablets and sports equipment need to be stored. Storage solutions not only help reduce theft, but also prove vital in an environment where people want to feel safe.

A modern filing cabinet

Lockers can be used to house important, confidential documents and are suitable for use as a modern alternative to the lockable filing cabinet. Modern office workers can spend an increasing amount for time away from their desk, so having a locker on hand to store valuables and confidential paperwork can eliminate the chance of these items falling into the wrong hands.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

A tidy desk enables people to focus on the task at hand and do a better job. Having a tidy desk can be the difference between having a productive day at work and struggling. Coats on the backs of chairs, bags sticking out from under desks, food and drink next to monitors could not only have a negative impact on your working day, but think about the impression this could be having on visitors.


Forward thinking businesses are always looking at changing the culture and dynamic of the office. Hot desking means that no person has ownership of a desk. Employees are free to move around as many times as they want. This encourages interaction with different teams and makes for a more fluid working environment. Workers can adapt their thought processes depending on their current mood and the tasks they are working on.

You’re own little space

However, people don’t want the hassle of shifting all their personal items every time their desk changes. Having somewhere for people to keep personal items is essential. It gives them a space to control and therefore peace of mind. When employees know that their important belongings and documents are safe, they can concentrate more on their work. Paperwork can be stored away securely and people are free to pick it up as and when they need.

Create a more productive workplace

Many articles and reports have highlighted the importance of intelligent office design and how poorly designed or uninspiring workspaces can impact on employee performance, reduce productivity, and hinder efforts to attract the best people. It’s not easy to create an agile working environment that works for everyone, but storage lockers allow employees to have a personal space in the office.

Why lockers are a must

As offices become more about collaboration and virtual workspaces, we’re no longer bound to a single desk, but we still need somewhere to store our personal items. This in turn has led to a dramatic transformation in the market for lockers. Preventing theft, reducing clutter, minimising the impact of desk transitions and improving employee productivity are just a few reasons why lockers are a must for every workplace.