A dealer group with a difference

We’re an independent purchasing and marketing dealer group who have over 120 independent members, offering customers everything for the workplace on a local and national basis.

Collective power

With the collective purchasing power of our members and our involvement in the larger Nexus group and BPGI, we provide members with unrivalled purchasing power.

We also equip our members with both offline and digital award-winning marketing tools, Nemo is a valuable tool for any workplace supplies dealer.

What makes us unique

We are a unique dealer group; we are 100% owned by the members, with each Full Member having an equal share in the group, regardless of whether they are a founding member or joined the group today.

The structure is one share, one vote. This ensures that our dealers have a strong say in the way the group is run, and more importantly, the direction in which are going.

Keeping you informed

Our regular member meetings not only keep members up-to-date with the group, but ensure that the members are fully informed and involved in the decisions of the group.

We have a dedicated team of professionals committed to helping our members grow their businesses profitably; expand into new markets, discover innovative new products, delivery effective marketing tools and to push the group forward.

What we offer

We’re one of the UK’s premier dealer groups in the workplace supplies industry. Over 30 years of experience and we’re still bringing innovation to our services.

We’re able to negotiate some of the best buying terms in the industry, with favorable dealers with both wholesalers. We’re also enhanced with our BPGI international buying power.

Every Full Member of Nemo is an equal shareholder director. At Nemo, we make all of the important decisions together with members informed every step of the way.

We won ‘Dealer Group of the Year’ in 2015 and multiple awards for our marketing. Rest assured you’re in capable hands.

At Nemo our mission is to “apply the collective power of the group, by implementing a cost effective plan, agreed by its shareholder members, to maximise their purchasing and increase their gross and nett profitability, by producing marketing tools and services that enable members to compete in their defined market place”.

The founding and primary aim for Nemo is to help our members make a profit, by applying the collective power and skills of the group. We offer this through various objectives:

  • Deliver the highest quality marketing tools in the UK
  • Ensure we negotiate the best deals with the widest range of suppliers
  • Proactively research and engage with cost effective new markets
  • Offer experienced, professional and helpful support from Head Office
  • Create a community of shared knowledge throughout the membership

We’re proud to be the oldest and most experienced of all the UK dealer groups. Established in 1986 the membership community has deep roots and is a founding philosophy. Indeed, of one our founding members is still with us today and active in the group.

This ethos creates a camaraderie amongst members that makes Nemo special. Exchanges of information, expertise or experience is invaluable to newer members who receive generous advice and support throughout.

Want to know how we can help your business?

Contact us today, we’re here to help grow your business through our award-winning range of services.