Our Mission

At Nemo, our mission is to: apply the collective power of the group wherever it brings most benefit to our members and our vendors.”

Why Nemo?

Nemo is a true co-operative dealer group owned by the members, run by the members, for the benefit of the members that is what makes us different!

Providing an extensive range of dealer support services, releasing your time to focus on driving your business forward, we provide our customers with unrivalled purchasing power due to our exceptional relationships with ALL industry wholesalers and over 100 direct vendors. No time for social media, e-marketing or websites? No problem! Nemo have got that covered too with a comprehensive range of fully managed marketing services providing effective, engaging and bespoke marketing content for all your business needs.

Our Aims

Our primary aim is to help our members make more profit by applying the collective power and skills of the group.

We offer this through the following objectives:

  • To deliver the highest quality marketing tools in the UK
  • Negotiate the best deals with the widest range of suppliers
  • Proactively research and engage with cost-effective new markets
  • Offer experiences, professional and helpful support from Head Office
  • Create a community of shared knowledge
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Our History

Nemo was founded on four ‘core pillars’ – run by the membersfor the benefit of the membersa strong veto process and the motto Together We’re Stronger – these four principles are still the guiding ethos of the group.

We are proud to be the oldest dealer group in the UK, founded in October 1986, by four Brother business machine dealers, whom by clubbing their purchases of office supplies, envisioned they would be able to strike a better deal with vendors.  From humble beginnings we strike to be one of the most innovative dealer groups in the business supplies industry; quickly and effectively bringing new tools to market to help their members compete in an ever-changing sector.

Today, Nemo has over 130 members, operating nationwide, with members selling everything for the workplace. Nemo continue to help members expand into new markets such as education, retail and facilities management by offering best in class tools to capture new sales. 

Nemo plan to grow our membership by offering the best programmes in the market and aim to meet the challenges of the next thirty years.

Kind Words About Us

Meet Our Team

Think of us as an extension of your business. We have a diverse set of knowledge and skills so no matter what you need, we will be able to help. Please feel free to contact us on the details below:

Executive Board Members

Executive Board members are elected by the membership and are responsible for the strategic direction of the group and its implementation through the Managing Director and the Nemo Group:

Michael Morgan

Derek Bamford

Trevor Peak

Martin Crouch

Martin Stratford-Parson

John Fitton