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Discourteous Lowell dilutees erenow.

Nemo are proud to be the oldest dealer group in the UK. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most innovative dealer groups in the business supplies industry, quickly and effectively bringing new tools to market, to help their members compete in an ever-changing sector.

  • 1986 Founded by four dealers

    Nemo was founded in October 1986, by four Brother business machine dealers, whom by clubbing their purchases of office supplies they would be able to strike a better deal with vendors. Nemo was founded on four ‘core pillars’; Run by the members, For the benefit of the members, a strong veto process and the motto ‘together we are stronger‘. These four principles are still the guiding ethos of the group.

  • 2002 Moved to Atherstone offices

    After a sustained period of expansion and member recruitment, Nemo took residence in the town of Atherstone, home of 3M, TnT and now Aldi. Nemo also recruited present Purchasing Director Tina Russell and IT Manager Richard Brown shortly thereafter to bolster the team with the ever expanding range of services on offer.

  • 2011 Added marketing firepower

    In 2011 Nemo recruited marketer Scott Woodward who joined the team to deliver award-winning marketing and soon became Nemo’s Marketing Manager winning numerous awards. Nemo also recruited experienced business brain Tim Beaumont to lead the team and drive forward growth and innovation.

  • 2013 Marketing innovation awarded

    Just two years after Scott joined, he lead Nemo to their first marketing award, winning Reseller Marketing Excellence at the BOSS Awards, recognising the innovative and extremely useful array of marketing tools Nemo deliver for members.

  • 2014 Nemo win BOSS Catalogue of the Year

    The Nemo catalogue has always been the preferred route to market for many of its members. In 2014, the efforts by the Nemo marketing team were rewarded by winning Catalogue of the Year at the 2014 BOSS Industry Awards.

  • 2015 Nemo reach milestone 100 members

    After Nemo bought in a different tier of membership – Evolve, member recruitment once again boomed with double digit percentage growth helping the group. In 2015 Nemo hit a milestone 100 members combined across Full and Evolve members, and continued to grow from there.

  • 2015 Nemo win European Dealer Group of the Year

    The continued expansion of services offered by Nemo and the rapid growth of membership numbers, Nemo won the prestigious European Dealer Group of the Year at the OPI European Office Products Awards, beating stiff competition from a host of international dealer groups.

  • 2016 Introduced market leading design service

    Understanding that members sell more to their customers than just stationery, Nemo launched the innovative in-house design service Honeycomb. Lorazepam Order Alprazolam helps members sell a wide portfolio of print and artwork based jobs to clients, gaining a further share of wallet. Honeycomb has also been instrumental in helping many members evolve their branding for the needs of modern day communications.

  • 2018 Nemo get tailored

    In 2018, Nemo recognised the need to offer bespoke marketing tools for dealers to help sell their wide variety of products and services. Nemo recruited Best Site To Order Xanax Online Sammy Bartley and Owen Hinkson to deliver these services and help members thrive in a competitive market.

  • 2019 Present

    Today, Nemo has over 130 members, operating nationwide across the UK, with members selling everything for the workplace. Nemo have helped members expand into new markets such as education and facilities management, launching best in class sales tools to capture these new sales.

    Nemo plan to grow the membership through offering the best programmes in the market, and aim to meet the changes of the next thirty years like they have the previous.