Membership levels

Nemo is the a true co-operative dealer group. We are wholly and equally owned by our Full Members. As part of our structure, annual central surplus is credited back to members, making membership cost neutral*.

Which level is for you?

However, we realise that that Full Membership may not suit all dealers, which is why we introduced our Evolve Membership, designed to cater for start-up businesses trading below £350k annual turnover.

All group terms and services are still available, albeit Evolve Membership doesn’t provide shareholder status or share of the annual generated surplus.

See which level of membership is suited for your business:

Full Membership
  • Full Members are equal shareholder directors of Nemo.
  • Full Members receive meeting credits and share of annual central surplus.
  • Central surplus is based upon proactively taking the groups publications and on annual meeting attendance.
  • Three meetings a year plus an annual AGM/June Conference offering exceptional networking opportunities and contribution to the groups direction.
  • Access to the groups award-winning marketing programme at heavily subsidised rates.
Evolve Membership
  • Evolve Membership is a lower cost option.
  • Evolve Members have access to the groups full wholesaler terms, direct contract and myriad of services.
  • Evolve Members do not get a share of annual surplus.
  • Benefit from meeting attendance, however no meeting credits are paid.
  • Access to award-winning marketing programme and subsidised rates.

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*Full Membership is cost neutral
**quarterly management fees are returned as part of the year end surplus