Why Nemo?

Group membership is not just about the commercial advantages of purchasing and expert marketing, for small to medium sized dealers it’s about freeing up key people to sell who may normally get bogged down in other tasks.

Nemo is a true co-operative dealer group.

It is wholly and equally owned by its dealer members, there are no beneficial shareholders and all rebates and retros collected are returned in full to the members.

Any surplus generated is also returned to members at year end.

Working for our members
  • Four member meetings a year, plus an annual conference, there’s plenty of opportunity to keep up with marketing initiatives, industry news, and a chance to catch-up with like-minded people.
  • The marketing material is unique, award-winning and well regarded throughout the group and the industry.
  • Extensive purchasing services; with preferential pricing and terms from many suppliers, helping members get the best deals in every channel and market.
  • Members are fully part of the decision making process, keeping Nemo progressing forward with on-trend ideas and innovation.
  • Nemo have a powerful voice in the vendor community, and leading deals with both wholesalers.
  • Members are free to choose their preferred wholesaler, our deals don’t tie you in with one or the other.
  • The group is 100% owned by its dealer members, wholly and equally, a true co-operative.

Want to know how we can help your business?

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