Feb 10

Every year, for the past 800+ years on Shrove Tuesday, the streets of Atherstone, below NEMO’s Head Offices have been overtaken for a single aim; to be the last man (or woman) holding the ball of the famous Atherstone Ball Game.

The game is enjoyed by everyone, from families to individuals looking to take home some pride, and whoever finishes the game clutching the ball, gets to keep the extra heavy leather object as a keepsake.

The game lasts just two hours, with everyone wanting to get in on the act. The famous Long Street is closed off and shops on the street are also boarded up, for their protection. No one knows where the tradition comes from but the event is one of only a few that survives today.

NEMO invited suppliers to join in the fun this year and also look back on the history of NEMO over the past 30 years with a selection of photo albums and a toast to NEMO’s continued success.