Boxing clever with WrapPak parcel wrapping

With businesses increasingly on the lookout for stylish, eco-friendly and cost-effective parcel wrapping, office packaging specialists Antalis explore how dealers can cash-in on innovative alternatives to bubble film.

First impressions count

Never has this old adage been more applicable than in the age of corporate branding and gift giving, where product packaging with the ‘wow’ factor is frequently seen as an extension of a company’s marketing arsenal.

Online retailing

What’s more, the continued dominance of online retailing presents an opportunity for dealers to help customers create the ultimate un-boxing experience using the latest advances in parcel wrapping.

As such, small enterprises looking to bring a brand new dimension to creating the ultimate first impression need look no further than the Geami WrapPak range.

Alternative to bubble wrap

The ‘go-to’ product for businesses seeking a recyclable, economical and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to traditional bubble wrap.

The award-winning Geami WrapPak is constructed out of a patented, cut-out Kraft paper with a white tissue paper inter leaf which is placed through a converter.

This expands the material into aunique 3D honeycomb structure with all paper cells locked firmly in place,reducing the need for any tape or glue.

Unparalleled protection

The result is not only an unparalleled level of protection and an environmentally friendly option, but a high presentation wrap – available in a range of different colours.

Suitable for all markets

In addition, the Geami WrapPak EX is suitable for start-ups dealing with limited space and funds.

Cost efficient, due to the reasonably low investment costs of the converter, and able to be placed anywhere, the Geami WrapPak EX achieves perfect in-the-box presentation for an enhanced unwrapping experience.