BPGI members collaborate with successful joint product selection meetings

UK BPGI members have just completed three days of joint product selection meetings with the top supporting vendors. Integra, NEMO and Office Club have held these for the past 3 years and were happy to welcome new BPGI addition Superstat, to the event.

Neil Basham, Integra’s Purchasing Director commented, there were some very productive meetings with excellent knowledge sharing that will prove beneficial to both vendors and BPGI members.’

The feedback from vendors present following the event has been extremely positive.

Mark Daisley, Managing Director of Exaclair Ltd said: ‘We found the recent UK BPGI joint product selection meetings an extremely positive experience. It is refreshing to find these dealer groups so ready to co-operate together, supporting and developing our many Pan-European brands.

As a relatively new BPGI vendor, we are very keen to find different ways to get greater exposure for our products. This approach will help us work ever closer with the significant number of dealers the combined groups represent.’

Graham Craik, Director of Sales UK & Ireland, Pentel Stationery Ltd added, ‘It’s highly beneficial to have joint BPGI selection meetings for several reasons, the ability afforded to suppliers to present, explain and discuss product information and wider marketing context to all four buyers, while simultaneously addressing any questions from the group.

A joint meeting facilitates the cross-fertilisation of ideas and offers additional opportunities to present the benefits of being a member of BPGI at one time and in one place.  It is a convenient and effective way to explore new pathways to success for all parties and importantly, it is very cost effective to have all four presentations in one place, rather than separate meetings across the country.’

If you would like to know more about BPGI, please visit www.bpgi-llc.com or speak to the purchasing directors of any of the UK buying groups.