Christmas Never Looked So Green: Sustainable Festivities

A Tree Is Not Just For Christmas

As we become more aware of the immense impact we have on the environment and look to restrict our consumption in order to preserve it, new innovations and concepts are popping up to assist our conscious consumerism.

The key message this Christmas is to rent not buy in terms of Christmas trees. A recent trend is growing where consumers are offered a service to rent their real tree to then have it returned and replanted, letting it grow and be reused again the next year. With a staggering 8 million real Christmas trees purchased in the UK every year, over seven million are dumped just a few weeks later, costing an estimated £14 million just to send faded furs and sad spruces to landfill.

The concept of renting trees is undoubtedly an amazing idea however is it sustainable? The majority of trees coming to the end of the Christmas period are predominantly twig than fresh green needles, mainly from people forgetting to water them amongst the festive chaos I expect! However, it has recently become a variable option with many UK farms now supplying this service, giving advice on how best to care for trees so they can be reused year after year.

If renting a Christmas tree isn’t a realistic option for you, make sure you look out for places that offer the option for you to return your tree so it can be shredded and chipped with many local councils offering this service to recycle into bark chippings and compost for local parks.

The notion of a sustainable Christmas doesn’t stop at trees though – for the environmentally aware amongst us, it can encompass everything from presents to party wear and food.

Christmas markets are buzzing with home-made products which have been made with the environment in mind and usually keep it local as remember it is always a good idea to buy local. You can always opt for organic veg at the dinner table and you can even sponsor a turkey rather than eat one as crazy as that sounds by contributing to its upkeep.

Whatever you are doing, eating, buying this Christmas, please remember keep it local, minimise waste and recycle.