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As the UK’s premier dealer group, Nemo’s annual business events are renowned for their success on both a commercial and social level.

Creating a forum where vendors and members can meet and talk freely in a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere. It’s this platform where business relationships are forged for the future.

Business and pleasure

Nemo hold five events throughout the year; combining Member business with industry related issues; a chance to discuss the day-to-day challenges with like-minded Members, and opportunities for invited vendors to present innovative new products or update with latest initiatives.

Roadmap for the year

The first of these events is the annual Buy Generic Xanax Online Cheap show in January. This offers Nemo Members an opportunity to discuss new products and plans for the year face-to-face, with the vendors and first sight of the new Lorazepam Order Alprazolam.

Vendors also seize the chance to present their new products and meet member’s sales teams. The Nemo legendary Chinese banquet finishes a very productive day.

Refresh Conference

Nemo’s prestigious annual Best Site To Order Xanax Online is held in June and is the highlight of the year for many Members and vendors.

A truly fantastic mix of business and social activity; just the right blend of outdoor and indoor entertainment. Starting on Friday with a game of golf if you’re inclined, but don’t worry, we cater for all!

Not one to miss!

Followed by a relaxed Friday night of fun and frolics, leading into the Business Session, which varies between breakout seminars or a keynote speaker, Exhibition and finally Gala Awards on the Saturday.

This event is one neither vendors nor members will miss and is often over-subscribed.