Get Organised At Work & Get More Done!

We all like to have a little moan after a long, tiring day at work but deep down we know that if we were just a bit more organised, things wouldn’t be so bad. We would be more prepared for tasks thrown at us, more able to deal with unexpected complications, and less likely to panic when there’s a deadline looming. Below are our top tips to get more organised and get more done:

1. Get Your Plan in Place

Start by recognising that there are only 24 hours in the day, and no one can work all of them. If you’re constantly working long hours, then you’re more likely to burn out than achieve brilliant results. Manage your time effectively by making a plan. Break your day up into 8 half-hour time slots and allocate work within a structure.

2. Make a To-Do List

Take some time, either at the beginning of the day or just before you go home, to list what you need to do. You’ll always stay on top of your workload if you can reference a list – and you’ll get a great sense of satisfaction every time you cross something off.

3. Prioritise

When making your plan or to-do list, ensure you put items in order of importance. This will help you set a clear structure in running order to ensure the more pressing tasks are completed first rather than finishing all the easy tasks and leaving the bigger tasks until last and completing them in a stress-induced panic mode.

4. Declutter Your Workspace

Clear Desk, Clear Mind! If you’re struggling to concentrate on the task in hand, have a look around your work environment – is the clutter or mountains of paperwork distracting you? Clean up! Take just 10 minutes out of your day to reorganise your computer’s desktop, move all paperwork to one side for filing and take all the dirty cups and cutlery to the kitchen. A clean, de-cluttered workspace will give you a sense of relief like a stress-filled weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

5. Invest in Essential  Office Accessories

If you’ve resolved to improve your organisation at work, the best place to start is with some essential office accessories. There are so many options to choose from so stick with the basics and you can’t go far wrong:

BiC 4-Colour Shine Ballpoint Pen
  • Select your basic writing tools such as a BiC 4-Colour Shine Ballpoint pen – one pen, 4 colours – you can’t go wrong!
Post-It Super Sticky Colour Notes
  • Need to jot down tasks, flag a page in a contract or make notes in a planning session, then self-stick notes such as the Super Sticky Post-It range are essential for every office.
Pukka Pad GLEE Notebooks
  • Even though we use technology with the aim to become paperless, we all still have a need for notepads. Pukka Pads new GLEE range are great for meetings, to list to-dos and to write draft memos or letters and they add a bit of colour to your day.
CEP Smoove Drawer Units
  • Elaborate and complicated filing systems don’t work – the more complicated the system, the less likely you are to maintain it. Choose the CEP Smoove 4 drawer modules which are colour-coded for a colourful, simple yet effective filing system.
Rapesco Less Effort Stapler & Two-Hole Punch
  • The simplest accessories are always the best – you never think about them until you need them – the trusty Stapler and Hole Punch. The Rapesco Less Effort Stapler and Two-Hole Punch are mandatory office essentials within any workplace and is the one tool where investing a little more may pay off as there is nothing worse than papers punched and stapling unevenly.