Jun 19

Dealers have a fantastic opportunity to advocate and up sell recycled paper options to their customers.

The Blue Planet effect

Sustainability is now firmly under the spotlight with mounting pressure on businesses to go plastic-free. Informally called the ‘Blue Planet effect’, this presents an opportunity for dealers to advocate recycled paper options to customers.

The case for businesses to adopt recycled paper options has never been stronger. Consumers increasingly favour companies that care about the environment. Coupled with the government’s recently-announced plans to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by 2043.

Improvements in technology

Thanks to improvements in technology, a greater range of greener paper options are now available that don’t compromise on quality, performance, appearance or whiteness. For example, Xerox’s Recycled range is made from 100% recycled fibres.

Tim Percival, divisional director at Antalis Office, said: “With an increasing onus on UK businesses to demonstrate their green credentials, paper is actually one of the few truly sustainable products. 70% is recyclable, can be recycled up to seven times and, once its life-cycle is complete, it is fully bio-degradable.”

On the path to sustainability

As such, dealers are well place to recommend their customers opt for recycled paper options where possible, as a way to put another foot forward on the path to sustainability.”

Antalis has developed its own Green Star System which rates each paper with a star according to its environmental performance. For further information please visit: https://www.antalis.co.uk