How To Protect Yourself During Flu Season?

It starts with a sniffle and an annoying tickly cough and before you know it, the aches, pains, headache and fever arrive too. No one chooses to catch the flu so the best way to fight it is to firstly prevent the spread of it throughout your home and office.

The annual ‘flu season’ is all too familiar with approximately 60% of workplace illness contracted from contaminated office equipment. This scarily high percentage can easily be reduced through the introduction of the correct hygiene and cleaning regime. Often, we forget these invisible bacteria really can be everywhere so think about the communal door handles, keyboards, work desks, and remote controls.

Did you know that the average workplace is 400x dirtier than a toilet seat with the top three germ zones being the telephone, keyboard and mouse? For example, the norovirus can live on keyboards for up to 350 hours! Without the right sanitizing regime, these bacteria and viruses can multiply at rapid speed. 

Your primary armour in the fight against germs is Anti-bac+ – the new sanitizing range that really does have it all. Imagine an army of bacteria and virus fighters, ready to destroy 99.9999% of influenza, e-coli, HIV, rabies and so much more!

Did you also know that just after one use, a smartphone containing a living virus on the screen will have transferred around 30% of that virus to your fingertips? So, the killer question is do you wash your hands after each use of a smartphone? No? Not many people do. Let’s face it, we all need an effective anti-bacterial screen cleaner.

AF’s re-sealable tub contains 60 wipes that activate in just 30 seconds of use, destroying 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses. We think you will agree that is a rapid response time. Obviously, we are fully aware how much time we spend scrolling away on our smartphones, so maybe we need to be looking at the areas that are not so obvious as we go about our busy lives like commuting and using shared office equipment.

We are not trying to spread fear here, but rather spread the word that there is a defence against the myriad of bacteria lurking on everyday surfaces. We should also mention the Sanitizing Surface Wipes – a resealable tub contains 50 extra think, durable wipes to tackle the most stubborn residue from all surfaces. Furthermore, you only need to clean for 30 seconds for the anti-bacterial properties to take effect – so starting the Anti-bac+ sanitizing regime is a no brainer.

So, beware when you see people on guard leaping away from the office sneezes and remember that 80% of infections are spread via contaminated surface areas, rather than through the person with a tickly cough…you may want to pass them a Sanitizing Hand Rub to be on the safe side though!