Jan 29

As a leading business supplies dealer group we pride ourselves on bringing innovation to our marketing.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.”

Our catalogue brings something different to the industry; something never seen before. More importantly, it answers age old questions of how do we sell more, how do we get more business, how to approach new markets, products and buyers.

How it’s different

Our approach is simple, yet effective. It is a 2-in-1 catalogue. Open the workplacesolutions catalogue and you see traditional products; office stationery, furniture, seating, technology and office well being. Flip it over and you’re looking at another catalogue; Facilities Supplies. You then have access to a world of catering, cleaning, security, workwear, warehouse and premises products.

Why is this so special?

How often do dealers sales people visit an existing or new business, hand over their catalogue to the office contact, say “job done”, hop back to the office and wait for the phone to ring? They’ve seen it all before, they’re going to ring you with the same order they’ve placed before…“three packs of Post-It Notes and a box of black pens please”.

This is where our new catalogue comes in

We’ve wow given you a reason to go and talk to more than just one person and importantly, ask the right questions. Where do you buy your coffee from, your cleaning products? Who’s in charge of your warehouse or fleet? Your main contact can introduce you to a whole load more in an existing business. Flip the catalogue over and show off everything you can do for them.

Our new catalogue gives you the chance of becoming your customers one-stop-shop. The chance for your customer to get everything they need from you. Approach the right person, flip the book over and present to them everything they need.

A summary of the products in our catalogue can be viewed below:

Workplace Solutions Sections


Envelopes and Labels

Postage and Packaging

Books and Pads

Desktop Essentials

Writing Instruments

Filing and Document Storage

Conference, Presentation and Planning

Business Machines and Supplies

Printer Supplies

Office Technology and Wellbeing

Office Seating

Desking, Storage and Office Interiors


Facilities Supplies Sections

Kitchen, Catering and Breakroom

Cleaning, Hygiene and Waste Management

Safety and Security


Site Maintenance and Retail Supplies

To learn more about how our innovative workplacesolutions catalogue can help you grow your business and maximise opportunity, contact us today.