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Is your webstore solution equipped to capitalise on the great online ecommerce opportunity? Momentum offers a powerful, feature rich and user-friendly solution.

A modern website

Providing members with a fully transactional ‘office products’ solution is the objective of Momentum. Offering a safe and secure website, with a free SSL certificate for all stores. Momentum is user friendly in terms of speed and search, appeals to repeat and browser audiences and gives customers multiple payment options.

Multiple feeds

Momentum can be loaded with wholesaler product feeds, Nemo catalogue options or both. Momentum offers an easy to use admin area, with pricing management tools, promotional items and special offer controls and an automated weekly cost file feed.

Marketing, managed

As part of the Nemo Group, members using Momentum get their marketing banners and imagery on their Home Page automatically updated with latest supplier promotions. All seamlessly linking through to the correct products. So you’re website will remain fresh and up to date without you having to lift a finger!

A whole range of functions and support

With the eProcurement bolt on, you are able to offer your customers a whole list of additional functions, such as order authorisation, budget control and multiple cost centre ordering.

Initial support includes a full demonstration, set up and training and even an end user visit for the eProcurement bolt-on. Ongoing support includes live chat, an online support ticket process and over the phone communication.

How to get the best out of your website?

Read Best Site To Order Xanax Online on our top tips on how to get your site ready for 2019