Please fully read the information below to understand the process of setting up your new website.

Building your new website

Thank you for signing up to have your new corporate website by Honeycomb from Nemo.

Our professional and affordable business websites will help your company stand out, give you a reputable image and seamlessly link to your existing e-commerce shop. They are optimised for search engines, built to look great on any device and simple to edit.

The process:
Initial set up:

Nemo will start to build your website on our development platform – Launchpad. Note: this is only a holding platform, we don’t host live sites for members once completed.

We will install your theme and make changes as discussed with you about the products and services you want to highlight on your brand new website.

You will need to make sure your current domain hosting provider will be able to support WordPress based databases.

If you wish to link your e-commerce shop to your new corporate website, you will need to apply a new A record to your shops sub domain. For more information on A records, click here, or speak to your current domain hosting provider.

It is important to make sure your hosting provider is ready for your new website and is fully capable of transferring and hosting your website before we start to build your website.

Building your website:

It will take roughly six to eight weeks to build your website. During this time you will get regular updates from Nemo, and the link will be live for you to check on progress at any time.

Transferring your website:

After you have signed off your website, Nemo will backup all the WordPress files and database.

Nemo will send these files to you, to send onto your hosting provider to replace or set up your new corporate website.

Nemo do not offer domain support, so in the unlikely events you experience technical issues with your website after the transfer, you will need to raise these concerns with your hosting provider.

After your website is live:

If needed, Nemo can offer a basic training phone call on how you can publish and edit the content on your new website yourself.

WordPress is an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and there are limitless resources and articles online to help you on your way.

Nemo will be able to update your website on your behalf for a fixed fee, to be agreed depending on the amount of content to be added and/or changed.

Nemo can install reCAPTCHA plugins to your new website if needed for a fixed fee and even install Google Analytics for you to monitor your new website traffic and customer behaviour.