Everything for the workplace

This wholesaler and manufacturer price-supported publication, offers our members a quarterly route to market to retain those very important customers.

Although the purpose is to retain customers, we work carefully with selected suppliers and wholesalers to offer a discount on products without compromising your margins.

Each mailer is bespoke for members, with each dealer having the option to change the price of certain products, on the front, inside and back cover pages.

The mailer is delivered with a handy briefing document, which is useful for sales personnel as it lists the promotions and the order codes for the products featured.

Members can also get the mailer in an electronic ‘flicki’ format, easily allowing you to send the mailer to prospects for little cost, perfect to get your message out quickly and effectively.

Key features
  • A5 size, containing 32 pages across a range of product categories
  • Hard-hitting, eye-catching design, perfect for customer retention
  • Set your own unique pricing for your exclusive Office Style brand
  • Packed with a mixture of frequently sold products and value added offers supported by wholesalers
  • Outer cover and middle pages are totally bespoke, you set the pricing
  • Electronic version available