workplacesolutions catalogue

With Nemo you have access to the award-winning workplacesolutions catalogue, packed full of specifically chosen key products that your customers buy time and time again. It’s loaded with top brands, the services you offer and more.

Carefully selected

Nemo carefully select products that compliment each page and appeal to a wide range of businesses. With a mixture of around 1000 new products each year and over 10,000 products in total, customers can enjoy browsing the catalogue and will always find something to suit their needs.

Choose your pricing

The workplacesolutions catalogue is produced in a choice of three priced versions, easily recognisable by a colour code on the cover and a small letter strategically placed in the corner of each page.

Helping you target a different  buyer

For 2018, Nemo have innovated the way members go to market with their main sales tool. The 2018 catalogue has a ‘flip’ design. Meaning if you read it one way, traditional workplace solutions items, such a furniture, office essentials and technology can be browsed.

However, if you flip it, and read the catalogue from the side, you will be presented with products tailored to a facilities or premises buyer, such as catering, safety and security, first aid and cleaning and hygiene.

Innovation in print

This innovative approach to the traditional catalogue, allows Nemo members to target different buyers in their current customers, and also present a new offering to prospective customers.

Key features
  • Over 10,000 products
  • 1000 new product lines each year
  • 556 pages in a compact format
  • Easy navigation – 25 product categories
  • Bespoke cover and online options available