Nemo Membership

We are equally owned by our full members. 

There are no beneficial shareholders and rebates are returned in full to members.

Full Membership

Full members are equal shareholder directors of Nemo, with access to the group’s full wholesaler terms, direct contracts, marketing programme and portfolio of services at subsidised rates as well as an exclusive range of benefits and services.

Evolve Membership

Evolve members have access to the groups full wholesaler terms, direct contracts, marketing  programme and portfolio of services.

Our Services

Increase your profits

Nemo is the UK’s premier dealer group in the office, IT and business supplies industry with over 100 contract agreements. Over 30 years and still innovating.

International buying power

By combining member purchases, we’re able to negotiate some of the best buying terms in the industry, and we’re enhanced with BPGI.

Award-winning marketing

A wide selection of award-winning marketing tools, including offline and a host of digital, all backed up by knowledgeable professionals.

Have your say

Every full member of Nemo is an equal Shareholder Director. At Nemo, we all make the important decisions as a collective.

Built on community

Enjoy a convivial atmosphere with like-minded businesses, with four member meetings a year plus our annual conference.

A true co-operative

We are equally owned by our Full Members. There are no beneficial shareholder and rebates are returned in full to members.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have trading relationships with all major wholesalers meaning you’re free to run your business the way you want to.

A full 12-month programme supported by our vendor partners is produced annually. This marketing is designed to direct your customers towards the products you make most return on through our trading relationships. While we’d encourage you to run with our marketing for this reason our  membership options mean you can make your own choices.

No, we produce product and price files for our marketing to accommodate any system, free as part of your membership.

Membership starts from as little as £25 per month.

Not quite. If a new member application is received and there is a potential clash of territory, the incumbent full member will have the say as to whether the region can support another Nemo member. We do however encourage co-operation and our members are generally welcoming.

Our standard membership contract period is a minimum of three months.

Kind Words About Us

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