Momentum stores have extended data to help sell

Nemo’s user-friendly, centrally managed ecommerce solution Momentum, has been improved by using extended data supported by Fusion Plus Data.

Ecommerce in a modern world

Savy shoppers and modern day online browsers expect a lot from websites, including detailed product data readily available at their fingertips.

Which is why, using Fusion Plus Data, we’ve added extended data including multiple images, videos, datasheets and COSHH sheets to help members sell more.

Why use extended data?

In the changing nature of the b2b ecommerce landscape, data is important to help buyers through the customer journey and choose the correct product fit for purpose. Using this extended data, members websites can be viewed as a trust worthy site, truly helping businesses buy better.

Momentum is Nemo’s powerful, feature rich B2B solution which appeals to both repeat and browser audiences. If you want to know more about Momentum, contact Scott Woodward at Nemo today.