National Doodle Day: To Focus The Mind

Did you know...that doodlers are more focused than non-doodlers?

Next time you attend a meeting with your notepad and pen, remember that doodling can improve your ability to pay attention to what is being said. Doodling helps you concentrate and avoid day-dreaming so you can tell your colleagues that you are simply trying to boost your concentration, not that you are finding the meeting boring or irrelevant.

Doodling requires very few resources but just enough mental effort to keep you from day-dreaming by jump-starting activity in your brain to focus you on what you are doing. Doodling doesn’t affect your wave of thinking as much as day-dreaming does, instead it retains information as well as learn new concepts.


So, if you’re ever in a meeting and find yourself twirling your pen, doodling or constantly clock-watching and hear: “Are we boring you?”, you can now confidently tell your colleagues that you’ve been paying attention to every word they have been saying and that doodling is the way forward.

Over 600,000 people in just the UK alone suffer from epilepsy on a daily basis and National Doodle Day invites famous faces from the worlds of art, sport and entertainment to pick up their pens, paints and pencils to create one-off doodles to auction off in aid of Epilepsy Action.

So, what are you waiting for? A blank page can act as a playing field for the brain to generate new ideas so pick up a pen or pencil, grab some paper and get doodling!