Jun 19

After initial success as NEMO’s Commercial Director, Tim Beaumont takes the reins as the groups Managing Director to drive the group forward with renewed purpose

Michael Morgan, Chairman said, “This is part of our growth and innovation strategy. There are many challenges ahead, Tim brings a wealth of senior level business management experience and we are confident that he can help us continue to develop and innovate”.

Tim Beaumont said, “NEMO has a real heritage, with 25 years under its belt. We are 100% owned by our members, with each member having an equal share in the group, regardless of whether they are one of our founding members or they joined the group today. The structure is one share, one vote. All of our members have a strong say in the way the group is run, and more importantly the direction in which we are going”.

Tim is confident that with NEMO’s focus on growth and innovation, the members of NEMO are well placed to move forward and grow.

“Being new to the industry gives me a fresh perspective, but I don’t underestimate the challenges that we face. The vast majority of NEMO members has been part of the group for many years and have weathered the changes to the industry well. The real strength of NEMO is that we work as one and have the right people to deliver our purchasing and marketing programmes. We value loyalty, integrity and really believe that together we are stronger”.