Nemo cyber certification helps Members

Early adopters Nemo, recognised the importance of cyber security and the use of data handling, well ahead of the implementation of GDPR and have assisted their Members to do the same.

Data certifications

Nemo have recently been accredited with Cyber Essentials and IASME certifications, which demonstrates the business has a good level of all-round information security and has processes and procedures to correctly manage the use of personal data.

The Government wants every company in the UK to be certified with Cyber Essentials by 2020, where IASME is an internationally recognised alternative to the ISO27001 standard, for smaller businesses.

Taking cyber security seriously

The certifications show that the group takes data and cyber security seriously and is a leader in the industry.

These services have been offered to their Members, who have been given expert knowledge and guidance to successfully gain accreditation, helping them to reduce cyber-attacks by up to 80%.

Helping Nemo members

Sammy Bartley, Nemo Merchandising Manager and accredited GDPR Practitioner commented “not only is it important for Nemo to take the lead in data and cyber security for ourselves, but also to offer it to our Members.

We can simply and effectively manage the entire process. We work with them to assess their organisation, address areas of non-compliance, and we can even carry out external testing on systems using a range of tools and techniques, so Members know they have been thoroughly assessed.”