Oct 29

Following the introduction of its Evolve tier of membership, NEMO is on course to have a record breaking year for recruitment with 25 new members so far.

Evolve membership is designed to support and nurture start-ups and smaller dealers by providing the tools to enable them to compete and grow into full shareholder members.

Open to smaller turnover dealers who may be a start-up business, new to the industry or have several years experience and simply want the reassurance of a network of like-minded people around them, Evolve members are offered extensive support at every level of experience and expertise.

Senior BDM for NEMO, Steve Baker commented “Evolve members enjoy the full might of NEMO’s £600m buying power, receive exactly the same pricefiles, access the same contracts and terms as our shareholder members, and they benefit from the same marketing initiatives. It really is a great offering for resellers under £350k turnover. Dealers are very happy with this offering and is testimony to the power of the collective”.

For further information about Evolve or any of NEMO’s services please contact; Steve Baker (steveb@nemogroup.co.uk) or Kath Slattery (kaths@nemogroup.co.uk).