Nemo expand membership significantly in Scotland

Nemo are delighted to announce the recent decision for The Unibuy Group, comprising of 11 independent dealers, to join the progressive dealer group.

Since its incorporation in 2001, Unibuy has been helping its members with competitive buying terms, allowing dealers to compete in a challenging market whilst retaining their independence.

Best fit for the group

Unibuy’s MD Murdo Mackenzie’s recent decision to retire prompted a review of suitable partners for its members.

Murdo quoted. “Following a period of review and due diligence of buying groups, Nemo quickly became the best fit. As a dealer owned group, I believe they are a group which will focus on developing and supporting the Unibuy membership into the future.

I was very impressed by the variety of procurement options, services and their marketing programmes that will quickly add value to our members.

Together we’re stronger

Nemo’s ethos is very similar to mine – together we are stronger. They struck me as being dedicated in helping members to grow and become more profitable.

It’s not about profit for the group, it’s about serving the membership and helping them to thrive in a very competitive marketplace.

I’m happy that our Unibuy members will be in the hands of industry professionals with the team at Nemo, and they can only benefit from the deals and additional services available.

Finally, I would like to wish our members the very best in the future. They have been a fantastic bunch of people to work with over the years.”

A win win for all

Tim Beaumont quoted: “After our meeting earlier in the year, the conversation moved very quickly. There was clearly a synergy between the groups and one in which will bear fruit for the Unibuy members now in the future. We look forward to building upon Murdo’s work and extending our offering into the Unibuy group.

The additional membership has enhanced our Scottish geographical coverage without impacting our existing membership, so it’s a win win for all!”