Nemo increase marketing strength with new appointment

Nemo have appointed new Marketing Executive Owen Hinkson to continue the growth of their online marketing services.

Owen brings with his experience in various marketing channels and joins Nemo to champion their online services. Owen has previously worked with various companies, including social enterprises, universities and recruitment agencies, looking after their online presence and social media channels.

A range of online services

Nemo’s online marketing team deliver a range of tools and services, including email marketing tool Affinity, their e-commerce offering Momentum and industry leading social media management service HummingBird, delivering these vital marketing channels for Nemo members.

Scott Woodward, commented, “Owen joins our marketing team to further enhance our expertise online. We plan to continue delivering excellent results to ensure our vendors and members supporting our projects see growth and success.

The right people to deliver our programmes

The real strength of Nemo is that we work as one and have the right people to deliver our programmes. We value loyalty, integrity and really believe that together we are stronger”.