NEMO looks forward to celebrating milestone year

Award-winning dealer group NEMO, are set to celebrate a milestone year in 2016, as they reach their 30th anniversary.

The co-operative dealer group has been bringing innovation to its ever-growing range of marketing and purchasing services since its inception in 1986.

Founded by four Brother printer dealers; NEMO was one of the fore-runners in the dealer group concept and paved the way for similar models to appear in the industry.

Throughout it’s time, NEMO have gone from strength to strength, keeping pace with the changing technologies of the industry, and even bringing in innovations such as OfficeTV.

It has however, always remained true to its roots; being a 100% fully member owned co-operative.

Founding member Trevor Peak, Managing Director of Custom Business, reflected on the group. ‘NEMO is here first and foremost for the members, everything the group does is for the benefit of the members and that philosophy has and always will remain. As the oldest buying group in the UK, we must be doing something right!’

‘Everything we earn goes back to the members. There is no slice off the top for the founders, if there had of been; I would’ve been in the Caribbean!’

As a dealer group NEMO is unique, as each member has an equal share in the group, regardless of whether they are a founding member or join the group today, the structure is one share, one vote.

This ensures that their dealers have a strong say in the way the group is run, and more importantly the direction in which they are going, an ethos which has stood the test of time and grown stronger in recent years.

Tim Beaumont commended the groups’ camaraderie. ‘The whole ethos of the group is plain to see to both members and vendors. The strength of NEMO is our solidarity, we are stronger together and the group is all in it together.’