NEMO membership reaches historic figure

Dealer group NEMO are celebrating a major milestone in their history, as their rapid year of expansion and membership growth has resulted in the group now boasting over 100 members, with no plans on stopping there.

Ranging from new start-ups to high flying existing businesses, NEMO has increased its membership by 79% so far in 2014.

Senior Business Development Manager, Steve Baker attributed this rapid growth to the huge advantages independent dealers can get with NEMO.

‘Our only focus is the growth and profitability of our members. NEMO is owned by members, run by members, which means all retros and year-end surplus is paid back to members in full. Members receive outstanding preferential agreements with both wholesalers, benefit from global purchasing power, over 90 direct vendor contracts and can access our award winning marketing programme and innovative e-commerce solutions’.

Steve also touched upon NEMO’s schools marketing programme, which gives dealers the perfect tools to allow them to compete.

‘We offer a whole range of education marketing materials to NEMO members, including; the flagship 800 page catalogue, quarterly, term based and ad-hoc mailers, prospecting tools and online procurement solutions. Members also have access to a dedicated, professional educational wholesaler, who will provide all the resources needed to successfully engage with and sell to this market’.

Tim Beaumont, NEMO Managing Director reflected on the growth of NEMO. ‘It is testament to the strength of the NEMO Group and the benefits NEMO’s services offer independent dealers, who are looking to be part of a group where they have a real say in how it is run.

We live by our motto, run by the dealers, and dealers realise that unity is key to growth in this industry. NEMO really is a community and all we do is in our dealers best interests.’