NEMO Reinforce Online Marketing Team

After the innovative successes NEMO achieved during 2012, including launching and introducing NEMO TV, a VOD (video on demand) service to dealers and vendors, dealer group NEMO strengthen their online team by hiring an Online Marketing Executive.

Simon Savage, who comes from an agency background working on online accounts, brings a dedicated online presence to the NEMO Head Office and offers valuable support to NEMO’s members.

Tim Beaumont said, “Simon will work with the current marketing team to push forward our projects introduced last year, and ensure that vendors and members supporting the projects see growth and successes continue into 2013. NEMO has an award winning publication offering and we plan to keep innovating with our work online too.”

Tim is confident that with NEMO’s focus on growth and innovation, as well as harnessing the power of the group, the members of NEMO are well placed to move forward and grow.

However, Tim doesn’t underestimate the challenges ahead. ‘The vast majority of NEMO members have been part of the group for many years and have weathered the changes to the industry well. The real strength of NEMO is that we work as one and have the right people to deliver our purchasing and marketing programmes. We value loyalty, integrity and really believe that together we are stronger”.