Nemo showcase 2017 roadmap with record number of vendors

Nemo kicked off 2017 last week with their reinvigorated event Roadmap. This vibrant, fresh and exciting event was held at the Hallmark Hotel near Manchester Airport on the 12th January and was dedicated to guiding vendor partners and members through the groups plans for the year ahead.

The event began with an engaging keynote, where attendees gained inspiration on the art of change management from keynote Rob Vale, an industry veteran who has held senior roles at Spicers, Office Depot and Staples.

Managing Director Tim Beaumont and Chairman Michael Morgan followed by showcasing the groups roadmap for the year ahead and new initiatives they plan to launch, with the key takeaways being; continuing membership growth, focus on giving members the tools to reach new markets, highlighting the success many vendors had last year and of course the June Refresh ’17 Conference, this year with keynote Geoff Ramm.

After the business session, delegates then made their way through to a bursting expo, where suppliers showcased their products and services, this year Nemo hosting 18 new vendors.

Nemo once again thanked vendors and delegates with their legendary Chinese meal on the Thursday night, with the infamous stand-up routine by Nemo Finance Director Derek Bamford, which saw the night off in great fashion!

More details will be released shortly on Nemo’s ever popular June Conference, this year called Refresh ’17, so keep your eyes peeled!