Nov 07

Exclusively for its members and in partnership with Commerexchange.

Tim Beaumont, NEMO’s Managing Director, commented “online continues to be a challenge for small to midsize dealers. We have put in place a range of options at different price points giving our members a choice and the support of a centralised marketing team. The launch of NEMO’s Momentum ecommerce solution complements the groups existing successful Affinity email marketing campaign management programme. NEMO is also able to support its members by applying group level marketing initiatives such as promotions, special offers and banner advertising to the member’s webstores on their behalf, significantly reducing the amount of time they need to spend managing their solution”.

Tim continues “We selected Commercexchange as our partner not only because of their ability to support both of the office products wholesalers but also a wide range of additional distribution sources offering our members greater flexibility and a wider set of products. Members can select from a range of contemporary templates with greatly improved functionality. With Momentum we provide our members with industry recognised solution offering exceptional value for money with easy to use admin and pricing management tools.’

Commercexchange – – is a leading provider of multi-distribution ecommerce and eprocurement solutions to the office products and IT dealer/reseller markets.