New Group Head of Merchandising at Nemo and Office Club

Nemo and Office Club are delighted to announce the appointment of Graeme Hargreaves as Group Head of Merchandising, with effect from Monday 15th July 2019.

Strong industry experience

For the last 18 months Graeme has been working with software developers, Watermark Technologies building a reseller network for their products. Prior to that he spent the 10 years working for the Superstat Dealer Group.

Graeme’s extensive industry experience, some 30 years of commercial, sales and marketing management with vendors, wholesalers, distributors and dealer groups will be an invaluable asset to Nemo and Office Club moving forward.

Further the interest of Members

Hargreaves commented – “I’m delighted to be joining such a well led and respected co-operative group that exists truly to further the interests of its Members.

I’ve worked with and against Nemo and Office Club throughout my time in the office supplies industry. Nemo were one of the first groups with which I had dealings through John Dickinson Stationery and I’m delighted that many of the businesses I dealt with at that time still form part of the group”.

A major asset to the combined group

Tim Beaumont commented – “We’re delighted to welcome Graeme to the group in his new role. His experience, vision and insight will prove to be a major asset for the group as we face the opportunities that lie ahead”.