The UK’s premier, award-winning purchasing and marketing group for business supplies dealers

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Nemo is an independent business supplies purchasing and marketing dealer group providing members with unrivalled programmes and services to help them grow their business, profitably.

We combine the strength of the group to offer members significant cost savings, unbeatable contracts, award-winning marketing and a wealth of business services.

We have a dedicated team offering expert advice on marketing, systems, purchasing and training. We help members free up key people, so they can get back to the day to day running of their business.

Why join Nemo?

Increase your profits

Nemo is the UK’s premier dealer group in the office, IT and business supplies industry. Over 30 years and still innovating.

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Have your say

Every Full Member of Nemo is an equal Shareholder Director. At Nemo we all make the important decisions together.

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International buying power

By combining member purchases, we’re able to negotiate some of the best buying terms in the industry, and we’re enhanced with BPGI.

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Built on community

Enjoy a convivial atmosphere with like-minded businesses, with four member meetings a year plus our annual conference.

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Award-winning marketing

A wide selection of award-winning marketing tools, including offline and a host of digital, all backed up by knowledgeable professionals.

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A true co-operative

We are equally owned by our Full Members. There are no beneficial shareholder and rebates are returned in full to members.

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What makes us different?

We’re owned equally by our Full dealer members, there are no beneficial shareholders and all rebates and retros collected are returned in full to members.

Any surplus generated is also returned to members at year end.

Members that join Nemo, stay with Nemo.

Latest blogs.

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Kind words about us

Request a call back.

You’re one step closer to joining the UK’s most experienced business supplies dealer group. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to call you back.