Nemo members have access to a number of publications to support their business, ranging from our glossy featured Workplace Solutions catalogue, to targeted direct-mail postcards. All are designed by our in-house Honeycomb Design studio to showcase the full range of our members’ offerings.

Workplace Solutions Catalogue

The Workplace Solutions Catalogue is the centre-point of our members’ marketing offering – packed full of carefully selected product ranges, continuing to expand the product categories and services on offer.

This uniquely branded catalogue is a sales focused publication with over 10,000 products to help you sell effectively to customers. It helps to demonstrate the range of categories available, with a clean vibrant design to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Available in nett, retail and list priced versions the publication is specifically designed to promote and sell the products that deliver you most margin.

Features & Benefits
  • Over 550 pages with more than 10,000 products.
  • Aimed at both customer retention and growth as well as prospecting.
  • NEW! An opening 18+ pages of ‘Safety & Infection Control’ products
  • 120+ Facilities Supplies pages covering workwear; site management & retail supplies; kitchen, catering & break room; cleaning hygiene & waste management
  • Over 50 pages of business machines
  • Over 60 pages of furniture
  • Available with 3 price options to suit your market
  • Fully supported with back office product files
  • Fusion data available for use on webstores
  • Clearly laid out in easy to navigate sections with prominent brands and helpful icons.
  • Up-sells and cross sells link products whilst also showcasing new products areas.

outstanding value | exceptional service | over 10,000 products


The Highlights Magazine is a core publication released at the beginning of each quarter. It has a simple and modern lifestyle design, combining the quality brands customers know and trust with frequently-bought products, interesting articles and competitions in a concise sales tool, giving you a competitive edge within the marketplace.

The A4 magazine format is designed to be both eye-catching and informative, packed full of product offers and interesting articles so that the magazine stays around with your customers, keeping your name in front of them for that bit longer.

  • Brand new A4 format, eye-catching design, perfect for customer retention.
  • Each mailer is bespoke for members, with logo inclusion and price changes on certain featured products.
  • Educational features tailored towards the season
  • Excellent for customer retention with up-selling and cross selling opportunities.
  • Showcases marketplace promotions and business services whilst building brand awareness.
  • Ensures you are at the forefront of your customers’ mind with a consistently branded lifestyle magazine.

Inspiration for the workplace

Direct Mail

Our direct mail postcards are designed to help members attract different department buyers by showcasing the breadth of your extended range of services. These are then complemented by email marketing, allowing members to target prospective and lapsed customers as well as retain existing customers throughout the year.