Purchasing Power

The ever-evolving workplace and the changing demands of the modern worker mean office product dealers need access to a much broader range of products and services than ever before.

The group’s purchasing strategy reflects this.  Nemo provides a dual wholesale arrangement, along with a broad range of over 100 major direct supplier deals. This provides access to tens of thousands of competitively priced products across categories such as education, facilities management, furniture, workplace and office solutions.

To complement our product offering, an ever-expanding range of service offers across broadband, office cleaning, debt collection, water, coffee and vending machines, managed print, vehicle leasing, card processing, as well as secure document destruction and carrier services are available to Nemo members.

Our purchasing power allows members to evolve from office products suppliers to full business service partners for their valuable clients.

International Purchasing Power


This collaboration has created an opportunity for independent dealers to effectively compete against the ‘power channel’ segment of the industry on a more level playing field, than they would be able to achieve on their own.

The strength of BPGI is reflected in its signature line ‘working together for growth’ which defines the mission and guiding principle of the organisation.

What's In It For Members?

As members of Nemo and thus BPGI, dealers can offer their customers a range of advantages, including, but not limited to:

  • International power buys
  • Best value for money
  • Responsible sourcing from accredited international partners
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Access to a wide variety of brands supplying everything for the workplace

Nemo are proud members of Business Products Groups International (BPGI).

BPGI is a limited liability corporation, formed to promote the interests and enhance the buying power of independent office product dealers under one international umbrella.

Nexus Dealer Group

Aside from being a member of the longest standing UK business supplies dealer group, members are also part of the wider multinational Nexus Group, made up of five similar buying groups.

The combined purchasing and marketing power of Nexus represents fantastic opportunities to collaborate on tenders and contracts by joining volumes a single group would be not able to achieve.

A world of opportunities

The Nexus Group opens up opportunities for Nemo members looking to access different markets with established routes, and innovative new products. All Nexus members have the same co-operative status as Nemo. This enables us to share each others contracts, expertise and knowledge to provide the extra leverage needed by dealers.

The current Nexus roster

  • Graphic Dealers Limited – a graphics and print supplier dealer group
  • Network Group – a IT hardware and software dealer group
  • STAGG Distributors – a collection of cash & carry and online wholesalers
  • Tara Dealer Group – a traditional business supplies dealer group based in Ireland
  • Radius Buying Group – a specialist purchasing group for consumer electronics and white goods