Recycle the Present, Save the Future

Reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind on this planet is a goal of many businesses and individuals so to help support & celebrate National Recycle Week 2019, we have put together a number of simple ways you can make a difference to be part of the solution for a better world rather than the problem.

Go Paperless


It isn’t always realistic to 100% go paper-free in an office but there are several steps employees can take to reduce paper wastage by encouraging employees to print, copy and write on both sides of the paper, reuse misprints for note taking, or even share memos and documents via email or transfer folders. Another alternative is to take a tablet or laptop into a meeting to make notes instead of writing things down on paper which often gets thrown away after being converted to digital anyway.

Introduce Recycling Bins


Instead of individuals have separate waste bins, remove them and replace with centralised recycling bins around the office. When employees become more conscious of the amount they waste, they become more aware of what exactly they are throwing away rather than just chucking it in the convenient waste bin under their desk.

Avoid One-Use Containers


Whether they’re used for water, coffee, or lunches, one-use containers usually end up in the rubbish bin. Instead use branded mugs or glasses as an alternative. Also introduce water coolers into the office, not only does it offer healthy and cold spring water but it can lower the use of one-use bottles and lowers water waste.

Car Pool with Colleagues


Many companies now offer incentives to encourage employees to car pool with colleagues, walk or cycle into work such as bonus schemes. This is an effective way to cut the environmental impact of your commute to the office. Another alternative is instead of driving to various meetings up and down the country, make use of video conferences to also save on driving pollution.

Reuse Old Supplies


A great way to reuse old supplies is to find another use for it such as turning your old floppy disks into a pen cup or create an upcycle station where old stationary including folders, boxes and other items can be organised and placed in a designated area for others to use before ordering new office supplies.