UK Dealer Groups and BPGI Collaboration Goes Deeper

BPGI’s UK based groups, Integra, NEMO and Office Club, took the next step on their programme of closer collaboration, announcing joint product selection meetings for their 2014 Catalogue programmes at a recent presentation in Warwick to 35 BPGI vendor partner representatives

This forward thinking project follows on from the initiatives launched last year, where BPGI vendor partners benefited from a range of additional marketing opportunities across all three groups including; catalogue enhancements, highlighting specific products with on-page ‘Power Buy’ logo and an intro feature page explaining benefits of the BPGI offering, as well as additional promotional slots in quarterly mailers and preferential exhibition presence.

Aidan McDonough, Integra said ‘The initiatives we launched last year showed our commitment to our BPGI vendor partners and will help drive our preferred BPGI categories.’

The joint product selection meetings will streamline the process and give BPGI vendors a tremendous opportunity to communicate their strategic objectives, review and maximise core listings as well as select new product for all three groups in one meeting.

Mark Austen, Office Club said ‘Joint product selection offers tangible benefits to our BPGI partners and presents a real cost savings – one meeting one location’.

Meetings will be held at a central location, with easy access for all. Tim Beaumont, NEMO commented ‘Although the groups are competitive in many areas, this makes good sense and highlights the strength of BPGI.

The BPGI collaboration has created an opportunity for the independent dealers to effectively compete against the power channel segment of our industry on a more “level playing field” than they were able to achieve on their own, and all three UK buying groups are committed to offer more to their members.’

BPGI’s new CEO, Barrie Hayes also joined the meeting to network with MDs and Sales Directors of these key vendor partners and share his vision for BPGI.

If you would like to know more about BPGI, please visit or speak to the purchasing directors of any of the UK buying groups.