Why Is Shredding So Important?

With GDPR now law, it is even more essential that organisations and its employees have access to a shredder to avoid the consequences of a data breach with just one stray document being potentially costly.

Preservation of Brand Image

A key element to customer loyalty and your reputation is the customer’s trust in your brand image. A data breach would not only mean a fine but massive damage to your organisation’s overall reputation.

Compliance with the Law

Making shredders a mandatory part of your document policy will help to minimise the risk of data breaches and make you GDPR compliant.

Reduction of Waste

The smaller the particles the less volume of paper you will have. This can amount to a reduction of up to 500% – that is a big reduction of waste meaning less impact on the environment.

Protection of Data

Using a shredder is the safest way of securely disposing of sensitive paper-based information to ensure 100% compliance with the GDPR law.

There is now an additional emphasis on the importance of shredding, as the UK government has begun to discourage the use of mobile ‘off-site’ shredder providers. In November 2018, it was announced that mobile shredding services are only accredited to destroy classified material to the lowest official standard – a message that is worth passing onto customers – whereas on-site shredders provide a full traceability and far higher levels of security.